Tuesday, January 23rd

About Us

The Corner Newspaper is a family-owned newspaper that has been bringing local news and events to the community since 2001. The Corner is a free publication that is mailed directly into the homes and businesses in the Colonia section of Woodbridge and Woodbridge Proper and dropped throughout various locations throughout Woodbridge Township.

The Corner covers the “Good” News and Events of the people that make up the towns of Avenel, Colonia, Fords, Hopelawn, Keasbey, Menlo Park Terrace, Port Reading, Sewaren and Woodbridge Proper. Debbie Meehan, Owner and Editor of The Corner, has been a Colonia resident since 1992.

The Corner Paper serves all of Woodbridge Township and is mailed directly into the homes and businesses in Colonia and Woodbridge Proper (approximately 17,000). An additional 800 papers are available for pick-up at local businesses, community centers, senior centers and libraries in all ten sections of Woodbridge Township. Drop off locations and digital versions of the paper can also be found online at www.cornerpapernj.com.

Debbie Meehan, Publisher & Editor
PO Box 245
Colonia, NJ 07067
(732) 382-0273