Tuesday, January 23rd

On Sunday, December 2, 2017, a group of Woodbridge Police Officers spent the morning searching the aisles of Toys R Us in Woodbridge, to find the perfect new toy/toys for local children in need.  Each officer was paired up with one child to help that child pick out $ 300.00 worth of toys during the early morning shopping spree.

Along with the police officers, Santa, Mrs. Claus and Jeffery the giraffe, were on hand to make the morning even more magical.  After the shopping spree the children were placed on a bus, courtesy of Woodbridge Township, along with Mr.& Mrs. Claus, where the children continued their holiday fun as the sang Christmas carols until they arrived at the Iselin Fire House were another crew of Santa’s helpers (Woodbridge Police Officers) were making a delicious breakfast  for the hungry shoppers.   The owner and crew of the Dunkin Donuts of Iselin were also on hand to give the children snack boxes filled with orange juice, fruit and munchkins.

Thank you Woodbridge Police Department for bringing a Christmas to remember to children in Woodbridge Township that needed a little extra love this holiday Season.

The event was spearheaded by Community Affairs Detectives, Joelle Slossberg and Mark Zeno.