Tuesday, January 23rd

With the holidays approaching, being stuck with leftovers is a given. What individuals don’t realize is that these leftovers can be morphed into interesting, yet still healthy, meals to eat at any time of the day. The key to eating healthy, but still enjoying these holiday favorites, is to take advantage of mouthwatering alternatives.

There are multiple ways to enjoy your leftover turkey and vegetables while still making heart smart choices. Whip those left over mashed potatoes into a nutritious breakfast by transforming them into pancakes topped with an omega rich egg. Instead of tossing the uneaten cranberry sauce and carrots into the trash, turn them into muffins by adding cinnamon, nutmeg and ginger. And that delicious left over turkey? Convert it into a wholesome turkey Bolognese sauce by shredding it and mixing in lots of vegetables with marinara sauce to use as a topping for fresh whole grain pasta.

One of the more popular ways to make use of those turkey leftovers is by tossing together a turkey chili. In this chili, you will get lots of protein and fiber in addition to reduced amounts of fat. Choose low sodium beef or chicken broth as a base for your chili. In order to keep the sodium content low, stick to “no salt added” tomato paste and “no salt added” kidney or navy beans. Add freshly chopped vegetables such as onions, carrots and celery in addition to fresh oregano for flavor and fragrance. Leftover dark or white meat turkey is suitable to use, but dark meat is best to use with this recipe because it is richer in nutrients than white meat. A more detailed version of this recipe is available in the Medicine Shoppe 2016 calendar along with other nutritious choices for all year round.

This holiday season, experiment with exciting, healthier, ways to enjoy leftovers. Make sure to safely store all leftovers so they will be readily available to create these unique meals. Remember to focus on adding ingredients that are low in sodium and cholesterol to make these choices the healthiest they can be. We here at the Medicine Shoppe wish you and your families a very happy and healthy Thanksgiving!

The Medicine Shoppe, Woodbridge NJ